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You spend to many lonely nights dreaming about Tachibana?
Now you have a chance to hug his soft (too soft) body every night and wake up with him by your side every morning!
Maybe you want to take him to the pool or beach? Here are two sides of Makoto, for you particular situations!
And just look, he has some long and sweet thing in his hands for these hot days!
So all you have to do is:
1) reblog! No follow needed
2) do it as many times, as you want!
3) open your ask box
4) wait till 25 September!

Thank you for being with me!
And yes, I had so much fun writing this post :DD



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Nisshin Seifun (2010) - Commercial directed by Katsuya Kondo / TV Spot designed by Toshio Suzuki and Goro Miyazaki

Handwritten Post
  • 1: Write your URL in some writing that you thought were super cool when you were younger. Eg, bubble letters, digital clock letters, letters with lots of embellishments, or letters with smiley faces in them.
  • 2: Write a list of all the countries or states you’ve been to. Write a comment on each of them. Or some, if you can’t be bothered.
  • 3: List your top three statistical Tumblr crushes and draw their icons.
  • 4: Draw a selfie.
  • 5: Name three things you like about yourself.
  • 6: Do you like the climate you live in? What do you like about it or what would you change?
  • 7: What is your current mood? Write and/or draw.
  • 8: Can you tie a bow-tie? A regular tie? If yes, how and when did you learn?
  • 9: Pick something from your immediate surroundings and tell the story behind the item.
  • 10: The last time you noticed you’d put a piece of clothing on incorrectly, i.e. backwards/inside out/etc?
  • 11: What is a typical breakfast for you?
  • 12: How do you take your favorite coffee? Eg strong or weak? Black or with cream/milk and/or sugar/sweetener? Filter, espresso, French press or instant? Hot or iced? Regular or decaf? None of the above?
  • 13: Describe your favorite food. Who makes it?
  • 14: List 5 movies that you love.
  • 15: What is a wanky memory from Tumblr that still makes you blush?
  • 16: What brought you to Tumblr?
  • 17: Have you had any real Tumblr crushes? If you want to keep your mystery, answer with a drawing.
  • 18: Do you prefer to text or call your friends?
  • 19: Write an autograph version of your URL.
  • 20: Pick up the nearest printed material in your first language and copy out a random paragraph.


*makes up for ugly face with semi-okay personality*

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Basically a giveaway because I’M HYPED AS SHIT BECASE 100 WHOLE FOLLOWERS.


1 pair of horns!

(I know that’s not very exciting-sounding, but I don’t expect this to go far so I’ll just give away 1 pair, headband and magical screws included.  If you hadn’t guessed from my pictures up there, you can hide the headband under a wig due to the magic screws. *gasp*)


  • Rebagles and likes count!
  • Don’t have to follow me, but I’ll love you forever and I reblog a lot of gay lady fanart?
  • The winner should be random, I’m not sure which generator to use yet, but I’ll work on that.

I also take comissions, so if you don’t win but would like to do an art trade or bake me cookies or something message me!  :D

edit: I also do propwork, and if this gets like a ton of notes I’ll consider making a first prize winner or something.  Good luck everybody!  :3

Also the end date is September 30th!  Good Luck!  AGAIN!

Rebagling this to give a decisive answer to the multi-prize thing: IF this whole shebang reaches 500 notes then I’ll split this three ways:

1st prize: 3 pairs of horns of your choice OR a full prop.

2nd prize: 2 pairs of horns or a mid to small sized prop.

3rd prize: 1 pair of horns or a small prop/accessory.

I need a nap and an orgasm.
An Ancient Proverb, probably (via thegreatmadman)
I need a nap and an orgasm.
An Ancient Proverb, probably (via thegreatmadman)
Four names. Marry, kiss, cuddle and push away.




can we please destroy this idea that a person has to talk to you every minute of every day to like you

texting all day is not natural

force communication all hours of the day is not natural

All of you, Get a hobby that is not another person. Its vital.

this makes me feel so much better